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Friday, 26 February 2010

All the Khmer ladies

If you’re female and ever go to Cambodia there is one activity that you should not leave the country without doing. Be proud and go Khmer!

As a birthday treat (yes, I’m that behind on my blog), for the reasonable sum of $12 each, me and my four girls (it would have been five, but Ilya was doing something productive) turned up at Apple photo-studio ready to be done up as Khmer as possible. Photo-shoots in Cambodia are a pretty big deal, you can get them done anywhere – family portraits, wedding photos or just for fun. You will be airbrushed to high heaven and look beautiful no matter what:

Quote: “You want me to airbrush you slimmer? No worry, we can do that”.

It took five hours, a LOT of make-up, fake eyelashes, fake hair and some sparkly dresses – but it was worth every second of it! It was even worth the disheartening realization that the dress was not going to zip up and would have to be pinned into place. It’s difficult not to laugh when you pinned into place, balanced on a chair, head up, chin down, look at the camera… and relax.

And the result? Well, you can be the judge of that.


  1. Good to know that you're feeling so much more up-beat now. I could hear the old energy back in your voice when I spoke to you recently! The photos are terrific - what a collection of Glam-pusses you all are! Things sound soooooo much better for you. (Phew!) Congratulations on being chosen for the TES case-study.Fame at last.
    No-one deserves it more.
    Love and hugs from Mum and Dad.

  2. Hiya Jen

    Judging from the photos it's like a scene out of Miss Congeniality. Not that I confess to watching the film "ehh errm", Maybe...

    Move over Sex and the City! I can see 'Stunning in Sisophon' being the next big thing :)

    Good to hear you've perked up :)

    Take care