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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Rules of Motorcycle Training

1) A motorbike is not a push-bike. It does not operate in the same way.
2) Never, ever, grab the front brake in an attempt to stop suddenly
(see Rule 1).
3) Wear your wounds with pride (see attached photo).
4) If you are going to crash, try and do it somewhere quiet and soft (hedges work surprisingly well).
5) Always carry a tool kit.
6) Don't get so pre-occupied with your rear observation that you forget the obvious and don't look where you're going.
7) Don't get too carried away with the image of yourself as a 'BIKER'. Such attitudes can be misleading. Most mistakes seem to happen when your riding along thinking your The Stig, when evidently - you're not.
8) Wear the luminous yellow jacket with pride and smile.
9) Don't forget your sandwiches.
10) Go!


  1. The spills are just preludes to the spills! Keep at it, it's the best way to travel, am quite jealous :)

  2. Erm, I mean spills preludes to thrills, doh.

  3. I still haven't finished my motorbike training and this sounds sooooo funny but true :) I haven't fallen or killed anyone YET and this is a tryumph in itself! Keep having fun there.